About me: Sam Liddell

Hey, I’m Sam, an avid explorer, startup tinkerer, investor, and occasional writer. As a techno-optimist and part-time degenerate, I’ve been quietly dabbling in the blockchain space for some time now!

Aside from my on-chain explorations, I’m curious about blockchain’s potential for social good. While blockchain has faced a lot of criticism (much of it warranted), there are all sorts of organisations using the technology to help make the world a better place.

It’s these use cases and organisations that I wanted to explore, and I hope that anyone interested in these topics will find something in my articles that inspires them.

If you like what I’m writing or have any questions, drop a comment. I’d be happy to read from you!

Who funds this blog?

Full disclosure: This blog is funded through partnerships with entities like mintBlue, which are deeply invested in blockchain and related technologies.

Despite this sponsorship, I only publish content that I believe provides a truthful and clear view of the topics at hand. My sole financial interest is the upfront sponsorship for writing these articles.

If you have any questions or feel that there is a bias in my work, please leave a comment on the respective articles or contact me at (disguised to avoid bots!): {hi} [at] {hashspark} [dot] {com}